Join us for Clever &
Unique Creations
By Lori Greiner

Saturday July 19th
At 2am, 11am, and 8pm EASTERN

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Where did it all begin? Chicago.  A born and bred Chicago woman, Lori Greiner has spent the last 12 years inventing products that help make peopleís lives easier, more convenient and fun!  Currently Lori holds over 52 US and International Patents and has created and brought to life over 100 clever and unique products.  Always creative at heart, Loriís background includes a degree in Communications: Journalism, Television and film.  She also has experience as a playwright and as an associate producer for TV, video and film.  As a jewelry lover herself, Lori sought to address the many issues of jewelry storage.  Her first creation, an earring organizer, eliminated many of the frustrations Lori herself had experienced with jewelry storage such as missing earrings and not being able to see what you own.  Since then, Lori has made it her business to solve problems she herself has encountered in everyday life.  Be it jewelry, cosmetic and travel organization, other home innovations or room fragrances, Lori has established herself as the most prolific inventor of home items bringing to the masses her efficient, creative and quality products.

In addition to being the creative force behind her company, For Your Ease Only, Inc. Lori has also accumulated quite the following as a QVC -TV personality.  Lori has her own show, Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner appearing live each month on QVC TV.

You will also find some of Loriís products in retail stores and catalogues.

Lori and her husband are strong philanthropists who donate to various charities annually.  Most recently, Greiner provided $40,000 worth of her Food Bag Closures to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a member of Americaís Second Harvest.  She also donates to Habitat for Humanity, Child Abuse America, various Chicago Womenís Shelters, and The Salvation Army (a charity she holds close to her heart, after spending a week at a Salvation Army church in Newfoundland, due to the September 11 terrorist attack).